OCT 18-23 at THE STONE, AVE C and 2nd St.

This is a week of bringing innovators to the forefront, the lesser known and the widely known.  Those working at the cutting edge in the field of the ART of music are presented here, as seen through my performative lens, based on my research as a participant in various music communities of NYC.  This residency, in performance and curatorship, is dedicated to the primal joy of music making in its various modalities – whether simple or complex, loud or quiet, straightforward or abstruse – and it’s fundamental role in connecting performer, audience, and Muse. 

10/18 Tuesday 
8 pm
Catherine Sikora and Brian Chase
Catherine Sikora (tenor and soprano saxes) Brian Chase (drums)

Catherine totally rips.  She is an intensely powerful and lyrical player with an earnestness and sensitivity that brings tremendous passion to the ritual of improvisation.  In addition, her technical skill and harmonic language possess a particularly dazzling quality.  Our duo can at times conjure Interstellar Space-style impressions but we tend to leave a little more room for elasticity of thematic push and pull.  Take this very special chance to hear her in concert before she moves to Ireland!!

10 pm
Robbie Lee, James Ilgenfritz and Brian Chase
Robbie Lee (flutes, electronics) James Ilgenfritz (acoustic bass) Brian Chase (tuned snare drum, electronics)

James and Robbie are two very unique voices on their respective instruments.  James pushes the boundaries of double bass solo performance, commissioning esteemed composers to write pieces for him; Robbie has an encyclopedic knowledge of antique instruments and a collection inspired by it.  As a trio we are influenced by sonic subtlety and micro-acoustic detail, not unlike the explorations of the Spectralist composers.  

10/19 Wednesday 
8 pm
Andrea Parkins and Brian Chase
Andrea Parkins (accordion, computer, electronics) Brian Chase (drums, electronics)

Andrea and I have had our duo for a few years now and are pleased to announce tonight’s set as a RECORD RELEASE for our first album.  The album is available courtesy of London based label Confront Recordings.  Our music can be hard to define – it often reminds me of a Surrealist game as attention is turned to a playful dismantling/recombination of the structural elements of musical language, at times with the assistance of electronic processing.  

10 pm
Jeremiah Cymerman and Brian Chase
Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet, electronics)

Jeremiah and I roll pretty deep.  We met about ten+ years ago through mutual friend/collaborator Matt Welch.  The first time Jeremiah and I played together was at the club that used to be Meow Mix, on one of their ‘experiment nights.’  Jeremiah invited me to play duo.  He and I hit it off instantly. We share many commonalities include personal backgrounds, love of musics, and love of food.  He brought was the emcee at my wedding.  

*changed from PALE HORSE (Jeremiah Cymerman, Christopher Hoffman, Brian Chase)

Tonight, the PALE HORSE rides.  This trio, lead by clarinetist Jeremiah Cymerman, has released two albums on his own 5049 label.  The group’s most recent album, Badlands, was recently awarded 4/5 stars by DownBeat Magazine.  PALE HORSE’s music is purposefully tense and suspenseful – it sits on the razor sharp line of anticipation, a sustained moment of preparing to turn a dark corner.

10/20 Thursday 
8 pm
Alan Licht and Brian Chase
Alan Licht (guitar) Brian Chase (drums)

I’ve been a fan of Alan’s for a long time, both his guitar playing and his writing.  When I was in college I got an LP of one of his early bands, Run On, and since then would notice his name in the byline of interviews and articles on many of my favorite composers and musicians.  Like me, his playing has firm roots in both the improv and indie rock communities.  As a player, he totally seriously shreds.  Together, we have a duo record called We Thought We Could Do Anything on the New Images label which will be available at the mech table tonight.  

10 pm
Peter Aaron and Brian Chase
Peter Aaron (guitar) Brian Chase (drums, electronics)

Like Alan, Peter is also a writer and an improv guitarist with a rock background.  His group, The Chrome Cranks, wailed blues-noise-punk on the L.E.S. in the ‘90s and beyond, and his writing includes books on The Ramones and The Band.  Our improvs are chaotic and cathartic purges.  We are pleased to announce tonight as the official RECORD RELEASE of our album, PURGES, on S.F.’s Public Eyesore Records.

10/21 Friday 
8 pm
Susie Ibarra and Brian Chase
Susie Ibarra, Brian Chase (drums)

Susie is and has been a musical hero of mine.  I regard her as my drum mentor.  I first started hearing her play in the mid90s and she quickly became my favorite living drummers, reflecting many of the qualities I myself would want to express in my own playing.  I started taking lessons from her around then and she has continued to be a prime influence.  To be performing with her tonight is an honor.

10 pm
Lee Ranaldo, Susie Ibarra and Brian Chase
Lee Ranaldo (guitar) Susie Ibarra, Brian Chase (drums)

I met Lee a few times a while back when YYYs had the honor of sharing bills with Sonic Youth.  Needless to say, SY, and the various projects of its members, have provided a soundtrack to my life.  Lee and I recently reconnected this past March when we performed together along with the Dither guitar quartet at Merkin Concert Hall.  I am thrilled for us to play here, and beyond psyched for this trio! 

10/22 Saturday 
8 pm
Anthony Coleman and Brian Chase
Anthony Coleman (piano) Brian Chase (drums)

There are a few memories that come to mind when I think of Anthony: us playing for the first time sometime in the mid00’s, by chance, very late into the night, at a New Year’s party at Issue Project Room (Oil Can Factory location); witnessing Anthony play solo on a cheap upright spinet and hearing an entire orchestra radiate forth; him saying one of my favorite phrases that I will never forget: “love to live, live to love.”

10 pm
Chris Cochrane (guitar) Kevin Bud Jones (synth, sampler) Kato Hideki (bass) Brian Chase (drums)

COLLAPSIBLE SHOULDER is a rock band with a ‘long history.’ Guitarist Chris Cochrane has been on the NYC scene since the early ‘80s and has worked in many groups including No Safety and John Zorn’s Cobra; Kevin Bud Jones, on synth/samplers, was in No Wave band Dog Eat Dog; Kato Hideki is a highly regarded bassist and synth player on the Downtown and ‘sound sculpture’ scenes.  As a band, our songs, sound, and recordings fuse these influences.

10/23 Sunday 
8 pm
Brian Chase (tuned snare drum, computer, electronics)

DRUMS & DRUMS is my solo project.  It takes its initial inspiration from my time working as a volunteer at La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela’s Dream House installation in TriBeCa.  During that phase, I quickly became fascinated with the Just Intonation tuning theory and wanted to find a way to apply it to drums and percussion.  DRUMS & DRONES is that endeavor.  A CD+DVD is available on Pogus Productions.  A new album is forthcoming this spring.

10 pm
Samita Sinha and Brian Chase
Samita Sinha (voice, electronics) Brian Chase (drums)

Samita Sinha is a particularly captivating vocalist/artist.  Her work covers a wide span: trained as a classical North Indian vocalist she often balances tradition with various contemporary contexts, while also transcending these notions of ‘identity.’  As a performance artist, some of her installations/events have included those at The Kitchen and Queens Museum.  Our music together is intense: “you can still get burned by a low flame” a drum teacher (Greg Bandy) once told me.  Her voice is beautiful if I tell you anything.






  • Jun 24
  •  Hudson, NY
  •  The Spotty Dog
  • Jun 25
  • Boston, MA
  •  Great Scott
  • Jun 26
  • New London, CT
  •  33
  • Jun 27
  • Bridgeport, CT
  •  Acoustic Cafe
  • Jun 28
  • Montclair, NJ
  •  The Meatlocker
  • June 21st, Joe’s Pub, w/ Chris Parrello and Things I Wonder
  • June 21st, Make Music New York on Astor and Lafayette, w/ Chris Parrello and Things I Wonder featuring Chris, Karlie Bruce, Kevin Thomas, and Sam Sadigursky
  • June 20th, Pete’s Candy Store, w/ Chris Parrello and Things I wonder featuring Chris, Karlie Bruce, Kevin Thomas, and Sam Sadigursky
  • June 13th, Pete’s Candy Store, w/ Chris Parrello and Things I Wonder featuring Chris, Karlie Bruce, Hagar Ben Ari, and Rich Hinman
  • June 10th, Hotel Hollywood (Sydney), w/ Joel Stern, Anthony Guerra, Emma Ramsay
  • May 30th-June 3rd, Sydney Opera House, Karen O’s Stop the Virgens
  • May 29th, Flinders (Sydney), w/ Sophia Brous, Shags Chamberlain, and Kirin Callinan
  • May 15th, Le Poisson Rouge, Man Forever
  • May 11th, Scott McDowell’s radio show on WFMU, Man Forever featuring John Colpitts, David First, James McNew, Dave Kadden
  • April 4th, Secret Project Robot, duo w/ Jessica Pavone
  • March 29th, Secret Project Robot, Drums and Drones
  • March 24th, Public Assembly, w/ Raft (Patrick Noecker), Alexandra Drewchin, Camilla Ha, Li Xing, and Shou Wang
  • Feb. 24th, Roulette, Boerum Hill, w/ Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet and electronics, jeremiahcymerman.com) and Nate Wooley (trumpet and electronics,natewooley.com)
  • Feb. 20th, The Bowery Electric, NYC, w/ Karlie Bruce and her band (one very pretty song up at http://www.karliebruce.com/)
  • Feb. 17th, La Sala, Williamsburg, “State of M(eye)nd #2,” performing Drums and Drones material (electro-acoustic percussion w/computer set in Just Intonation), w/ David First (http://www.davidfirst.com/bio/), and Ursula Scherrer doing live visuals (Ursulascherrer.com)
  • Feb. 16th, Pete’s Candy Store, Greenpoint, w/ guitarist and composer Chris Parrello’s Things I Wonder featuring Kevin Thomas on bass, Karlie Bruce on vocals, and Ian Young on saxophones http://chrisparrello.wordpress.com/
  • Feb. 15th, Big Snow Buffalo Lodge, Bushwick, w/ John Colpitts’s Man Forever
  • Jan.  24th, Make It Up Club at Bar Open, Melbourne, Australia, w/ Lloyd Honeybrook (http://www.myspace.com/lloydhoneybrook) and Nic Tammens (http://www.myspace.com/nictammens)
  • Jan. 22nd, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia, 5:30 & 8:30pm, w/ 41 Strings by Nick Zinner (http://thecreatorsproject.com/videos/41-strings-by-nick-zinner), and IIII (Drum Circle) by Hisham Bharoocha (http://hishamb.net/)
  • Jan.  11th, Zebulon, 10pm, w/ ONVA (Occasional Noise and Vibrations Associated) featuring Jordan Mclean (http://fireofspace.com/home.html) and Dary John Mizelle (http://www.mizelle.org/
  • Jan. 9th, Zebulon, 8:30pm, w/ Rob Reich, accordion (http://robreich.com/) and Corey Dargel, vocals (http://automaticheartbreak.com/).  Also on the bill, Tomas Fujiwara trio featuring Mary Halvorson and Trevor Dunn, and Dylan Ryan’s Herculaneum


  • Dec. 21, Zebulon, 11pm, w/Kid Millions’s Man Forever (in this version of the group it’ll be a piece for two drummers on one snare drum, augmented with organ, bass, and a guitar or two) featuring Kid Millions (John Colpitts), Richard Hoffman from Sightings, Shahin Motia from Oneida and Knyfe Hyts, and Leah McManigle from Dirty Faces
  • Dec. 11th, Highline Ballroom, 8:30pm, w/ Karlie Bruce and her band, Chris Parrello  on guitar and Hagar Ben Ari on bass.  One very pretty song up at http://www.karliebruce.com/
  • Dec. 5th, Pete’s Candy Store, 9pm, w/ Chris Parrello’s Things I Wonder, featuring Kevin Thomas on bass, Karlie Bruce on vocals, and Ian Young on saxophones http://chrisparrello.wordpress.com/
  • Nov. 18th, La Sala (former Monkey Town in Williamsburg), Dums and Drums (solo Chase/’just’ Brian [thanks Eli/Spencer!] , percussion and electronics) w/ David First (electronics and/or guitar, http://www.davidfirst.com/bio/), and visuals tbd.
  • Nov. 16th, Issue Project Room, w/ James Ilgenfritz (bass), Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet and electronics) and Josh Sinton (saxophones and electronics/amplification).  w/ Dither (guitar quartet)
  • Nov. 15th, Union Pool, w/Ryan Sawyer (percussion) and Kid Millions (percussion)