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Yeah Yeah Yeahs


It's Blitz!


Drums and Drones

Drums & Drones: Decade (2018):

Correlations, collaboration with visual artist Keti Kartveli (2019):

Drums & Drones (2013):  ;

Ride/Scratch (2013):

Drums and Drones: Decade


w. Zeena Parkins

Live at San Damiano Mission (2019):

Zeena and Brian Mad Sq Park copy


w. Catherine Sikora

untitled: after (2018):

Catherine and Brian Dublin March 2018 copy 2 (1)


w. The Seconds

Gratitude (2006):

Y (2001):



w. Alan Licht

we thought we could do anything (2014):  ;

we thought we could do anything


w. Andrea Parkins

Avalanche of Routes (2016):



w. Peter Aaron

Purges (2016):

Peter and Brian pic2


w. Collapsible Shoulder

e v e r y w h e r e (2016):



w. Thollem McDonas

Dub Narcotic Session (2014):



w. Seth Misterka:

Duo (2007):

The Shape of Jazz (2010):  ;

Brian and Seth


w. Jeremiah Cymerman

Pale Horse (2014):

Fire Sign (2011):

Pale Horse photo by Peter Gannushkin


w. Man Forever

Pansophical Cataract (2012):

Ryonen (2014):

man forever at printed matter, photo by cintamani calise


w. Karlie Bruce

Paperback Lover (2012):

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH


w. Fretless Brothers

Live at Shapeshifters (2015):

Footsteps (2012):

Jon Catler and Fretless Brothers


w. Sway Machinery

Hidden Melodies Revealed (2009): ;



w. Tyondai Braxton

Rise, Rise, Rise split w/ Parts & Labor (2003):  (on “Stand There” and “Disintegrating Reels”)

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