Chaikin Records

Chaikin Records, owned and operated by drummer Brian Chase, is dedicated to the intersection of musical language in its diversity. A particular emphasis is placed on rock, jazz, classical, and sound art, and the ways in which they overlap. Focusing further within these broad circles, championed are the communities of the avant-garde: musicians and music scenes happening at the forefront of the ever evolving dialogue of creative discourse and expression. The word ‘Chaikin’ is Brian’s familial surname before it was changed to ‘Chase’ by his paternal grandfather. 

CKR 001: Drums and Drones: Decade, a triple album and 144 page book covering the project’s first ten years 

CKR 002: Catherine Sikora and Brian Chase’s debut album, untitled: after

CKR 003: Correlations, a collaboration between artist Keti Kartveli and Drums and Drones. 60 small artworks are paired with Drums and Drones sound pieces 

CKR 004: 13 million year old ghost, the debut album from Nick Zinner’s solo project, 13 million year old ghost

CKR 005: Zeena Parkins and Brian Chase, Live at San Damiano Mission


music: for Modern Drummer (various topics); for Ravelin (on drone); for Liquidrum (on playing techniques of Drums and Drones with videos)

food: cooking  //   yoga: notes  //  commentary: Akeidah


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Still from the video “Drone State of Mind, V.2” by Erik Zajaceskowski from the Drums and Drones DVD